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Want to feel energised, motivated and at ease in your body?

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Welcome. As a lifestyle mentor and complementary health therapist I help people find the key to unlock the door from where they are now, to move confidently forward to where they want to be, and support them on their journey.

Clients come to me for many reasons:

  • Stress or anxiety is affecting their health and relationships and limiting their experience of life
  • They are seeking a natural, holistic approach to help resolve their health issues
  • They are experiencing a major life event and are in need of support to ride the storm

By clicking on my website you have just taken the biggest step forward on the road to positive change.

Relax Into Health is an oasis of calm, in a peaceful corner of Maidenhead, to which you can escape, just be and recharge. You will leave feeling energised, motivated and at ease in your body.

I have 17 years experience and a proven track record of success. See what my clients say . . .




Using an holistic approach I see the therapeutic relationship as a partnership, my role as an enabler and supporter for change, awakening your inner doctor so that you can heal from within. I empower you to identify your desired outcome and then deliver a course of tailored treatments to help you achieve it.

Wellbeing Review and Re-balance

. . . assessing the link between lifestyle and wellbeing
Your body is your vehicle through this life and just like a car it needs regular maintenance, good quality fuel and regular use. Read more...


. . . working in harmony with your body
A truly holistic approach, Kinesiology, the science of muscle testing, uses the body’s biofeedback mechanism to detect and correct imbalances in your energy system. Read more… 

NO HANDS® Massage

. . . for the journey
I offer a revolutionary approach to massage which is deep and powerful and yet oh so gentle, and for this reason is gaining a reputation as the Gentle Giant of Massage. Read more…


. . . for healing the spirit
Aromatherapy massage combines the highly effective therapeutic properties of essential oils with the healing power of touch.  Read more...


. . . gives us the courage to move forward after years of standing still
Reflexology starts with gentle relaxation massage followed by firm, yet gentle, thumb and finger pressure all over the feet. Read more


. . .  to recharge and revitalise
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that may in turn promote healing. It involves the “laying on of hands”. Read more